Artistic and Music Director Suzanne Mallare Acton

Known for her "supple, distinctive musical direction," conductor Suzanne Mallare Acton continues to earn respect and admiration for her performances in both the concert hall and the opera stage. From Handel’s “Messiah” to contemporary jazz, she is recognized for her versatility and dynamic style.

As long-term chorus master of the Michigan Opera Theatre, Ms. Acton has worked on over 125 productions in seven different languages with world-renowned artists Joan Sutherland, Luciano Pavarotti, Cleo Laine and many more.

In 1996, Ms. Acton was appointed artistic/music director of Rackham Choir. In her mission to promote choral music in the community, she has programmed and conducted many works including Karl Jenkins’ “The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace” with the premier of an original film “The Armed Boy” commissioned by RC at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts.

Ms. Acton has been recognized by Corp! Magazine as one of Michigan’s 95 Most Powerful Women. Under her leadership, Rackham Choir was awarded the prestigious 2008 Governor's Award for outstanding contributions to Arts and Culture in Michigan. She was recognized by Corp! Magazine as one of Michigan’s 85 Most Powerful Woman. In 2014, she was selected as an honoree of WJR’s 2014 Class of Women Who Lead.

Accompanist and Music Coach Joseph Jackson

Joseph Jackson is the resident Accompanist of Rackham Choir. He also plays an integral role working with the students in the Internship Program.

He currently serves as the Organist/Music Associate of the First Presbyterian Church of Royal Oak, accompanist for the Michigan Opera Theater Children's Chorus, is a Michigan Opera Theater touring artist, and accompanist for the Berkley High School Choirs. His prior positions include Music Director at several historical churches including The First Presbyterian Church of Detroit and the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia.

Mr Jackson is a frequent recitalist and accompanist throughout the country. His broadcast credits include National Public Radio's The First Art and Pipedreams. His solo recording Philadelphia Gothic appears on the label DTR and his performance of the Howard Hansen Organ Concerto is available on the Naxos label.

Executive Board

  • Bud Uhl
    RC Board President, Fundraising Professional, CFRM
  • Emily Eichenhorn
    RC Board Treasurer, Attorney
  • Jeff Fritz
    RC Board Treasurer, Tax Accountant, CPA, MST, MBA
  • Wendy Keebler
    RC Board Secretary, Freelance Editor
  • Laverne Schenk
    RC Class A Chorus Representative

Board of Members 2017 - 2018

  • Suzanne Mallare Acton
    RC Artistic and Music Director, Assistant Music Director, Chorus Master, Michigan Opera Theatre
  • Patricia Minnick
    RC Choir Manager, Coordinator, Music Activities, Schoolcraft College
  • Victoria Bigelow, PhD
    RC Education Coordinator, Music Educator & Education Researcher, University of Michigan
  • William Day
  • Bud Uhl
    Fundraising Professional, CFRM
  • Emily Eichenhorn
  • Susan A. Fox
    Artist and retired attorney
  • Clarence Jones
    Workers Compensation Manager, Detroit Public Schools
  • Ray Litt
    Vice Chairman, Cass Tech Alumni Association
  • Gregory Ashe
    Senior Financial Aid Outreach Advisor
  • Wendy Keebler
    Freelance Editor
  • Victoria Morgan
    Franchise Business Consultant
  • Jeff Fritz
    Tax Accountant, CPA, MST, MBA


  • Artistic and Music Director
    Suzanne Mallare Acton
  • Accompanist and Music Coach
    Joseph Jackson
  • Choir Manager
    Patricia Minnick
  • Education Coordinator
    Victoria Bigelow, PhD

The 2017 - 2018 Choir

  • Maureen Abele
  • Beth Adams
  • Emily Eichenhom
  • Linda Hagopian
  • Wendy Keebler
  • Patricia Stewart
  • Lori Weatherwax
  • Fran Bachmann
  • Susan A. Fox
  • Yvonne Friday
  • Victoria Isabell
  • Anne Maters
  • Andrea Mills
  • Patricia Minnick
  • Nancy Nelson
  • Sarah Piper
  • Linda Van Buren
  • Charlie Arnett
  • Simone Bonino
  • Drew Gale
  • Gary Hasley
  • Paul Kellerman
  • Nasir Khawaja
  • Gary Lindell
  • Paolo Pacheco
  • Steven P. Pejuan
  • Viraga Perera
  • Laverne Schenk
  • Alan Sebastian
  • David Twigg
  • Bud Uhl
  • Craig Wickham
  • Will Yeats
  • Victoria Bigelow
  • Hannah Carroll
  • Lara Casai
  • Michelle Drummond
  • Lauren Fisher
  • Gillian Frank
  • Avital Granot
  • Madison Green
  • Gina Hanzlik
  • Kelly Jakes
  • Judith Szefi
  • Kathy Boettcher
  • Joan Crawford
  • Beth Deuel
  • Anne Marie Viviano-Poltorak
  • Kate Pierce (Williams)
  • Kim Witten
  • Gregory Ashe
  • John Blanchard
  • MIchael Boettcher
  • Darren DeWitt
  • Joseph Dluzniewski
  • Ryan Hurley
  • Chris Jones
  • Jeff Krueger
  • Bill Steiner
  • Brett Thompson
  • Harry Williams Jr.
  • Brittany Lawler
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Meghan Kehoe
  • Alana Tucker
  • Maggie Turner
  • Crystal Iverson
  • Deb Nero
  • Kennedy Robinson
  • Ryan Blankenburg
  • Andrea Tawil
  • Jack Walpuck
  • Deanna Christy
  • Jennifer Clancy
  • Hannah Cressman
  • Lauren Fisher
  • Rachel Miltimore
  • Amy Parenteau (Guffy)
  • Diana Turner
  • Alex Bartley-Livingston
  • Richard Jackson