Rackham Choir’s Community Work

Rackham Choir’s goal is to enrich the community by promoting musical knowledge, understanding and appreciation through thoughtful, purposeful music to non-traditional audiences. Rackham Choir enriches both city and suburb through programs that reflect the region’s diverse cultures, drawing no borders.

Performance venues range from Classrooms to concert halls throughout the region. Through master classes, collaborations with other arts organizations and special performances for young people, Rackham Choir brings the joy and passion of music making to students, inspiring a new generation of musicians and music lovers.

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Giving To The Community

With the support of foundations and grants such as the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, the Kresge Foundation and the National Endowment of the Arts, we are able to make use of funds not only for artistic projects but for community outreach also.

We believe firmly in this mission of sharing art and performance with the wider community. Rackham Choir provides funding for schools to attend dress rehearsal, enabling students of less advantaged backgrounds to share in our work. As part of our main production, Too Hot To Handel, each year solo artists such as Rodrick Dixon, Alvin Waddles and Marion Hayden give masterclasses at Detroit Public Schools. Students are able to witness first hand the power of music performance and presentation.

We are also able to provide transportation costs for a number of schools to attend our dress rehearsals and to bring students directly from the class room to the theatre.

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Supporting The Local Community Through Music

Rackham Choir serves the Detroit Community. Our members represent Detroit’s diverse population and heritage, a heritage that is similarly reflected in our music making.

Rackham Choir has undertaken major community outreach programs in the past. We continue to strive to be an active community member and look for programs which provide opportunities for outreach.

Rackham Choir was instrumental in providing a music program about Homeless people in Detroit in our Voices for Michigan’s Homeless. The program was built around raising awareness for Homelessness and the people and communities affected by it. An extra curricular program for students and teachers provided educational support.

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Student and Senior Dress Rehearsals

As part of our outreach we offer student and senior dress rehearsals to many of our main productions. Each year, Too Hot To Handel at the Detroit Opera House attracts over 1000 school children from across metro Detroit. Don't miss this great opportunity to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for your students, once we are able to perform live!!

For more information on our student dress rehearsals, how to order tickets and group bookings, please go to https://rackhamchoir.org/events/too-hot-to-handel-student-and-senior-dress-rehearsal/.

For information on available bus grants, go to michiganyoutharts.org.

Too Hot To Handel Teacher Reference Guide

Would you like to raise awareness for the community?

Rackham Choir continues to search for opportunities to expand their outreach programs. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our Community work, about Volunteering for Rackham Choir, or to raise awareness about your community topic.

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