December 7, 2016

Recently, Rackham Choir’s own Max Fuhrig was featured on CultureSource.org.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Tell me a little about Rackham’s new direction, and where you hope to take it.

It was very much on their radar to at some point bring in a full-time staff [Fuhrig is the choir’s first full-time employee], and be able to develop further on a program level. They always had a very high artistic level of involvement with Suzanne Acton, who is the Artistic Director and has been since the ‘90s. It’s a very high level artistic product that we are able to offer. Now, it is about finding ways to share our programs with more audiences, and to increase the programs that we can develop. I think that it is just as important not just to be active as a choir and a community choir, but to be active as a community arts organization that really delves into the outreach, that delves into the education work as well.

To read the entire article, click here: https://www.culturesource.org/201612042638/stories/straight-from-the-source-with-rackham-choir-s-max-fuhrig